Chauvet Ch 215a Musical Instrument User Manual

• If the unit is not functional – check main power supply is ‘on’ and check fuses.
• If the unit is functional but lamps do not light - lamps may require replacing.
• If the unit lights but will not move - adjust sensitivity control.
If after trying this solution you still have a problem contact CHAUVET.
Do not obstruct the air vents or the fan.
Do not touch unit or lamps while hot.
No user serviceable parts inside, please refer to CHAUVET for service.
Power Connections
The unit is supplied with a power plug appropriate to its voltage and destination. Should
any other connections be required they must be carried out with the following
Earth = Green/Yellow cable
Neutral = Blue cable
Live = Brown cable
In the USA & Europe, it is required that all plugs are 3-pin type i.e. with Earth/Ground
In the UK, it is required that all mains plugs are fitted with 5A fuses.
Technical Specifications
Power 120V~60Hz AC 230V~50Hz AC
Fuse 20mm Glass 3A Fast Blow 20mm Glass 1.5A Fast Blow
3 x 120V 100W
Part No J120V 100W
3 x 230V 100W
Part No J230V 100W
Dimensions 250 x 200 x 200mm / 10in x 8in x 8in
Weight 3.6kg / 7.92lbs
User Information (Please complete for your records)
Date Purchased: / / Serial No:
Dealer Stamp: Model: CH-215A MINI LINE
Mini Line Dancer
Users Guide
Please read these instructions carefully before use
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