JVC CU-V10E Microphone User Manual

Please note that the switch noise will be recorded if you
change the stereo angle while recording.
The characteristics of the microphone will change if it is
dropped or subjected to shock or excessive force from
hitting it.
During operation tests, please do not blow on the
microphone or hit it. Just talk normally into the
Precise parts are carefully arranged inside the microphone
for optimum use, but these characteristics can not be
retained if it is opened and disassembled. Please consult
your nearest JVC dealer or contact a service center for
repairs or maintenance.
Please do not leave it near a heat source such as a stove,
direct sunlight, or in a car with all windows closed where
the temperature gets extremely hot. Direct exposure to a
camera light will damage the microphone, causing its
color to change and its body to deform.
Avoid using the microphone in places where it is
extremely humid, such as in a bathroom, or in areas
subject to oily smoke and vapor, such as near a range, as
this will cause it to malfunction.
Thank you for purchasing this stereo microphone. Before
use, please read this instruction manual carefully to ensure
proper use of this product, and keep this manual handy for
future use.
When the battery is misused, there is a danger that it may
leak or explode.
Please read the following cautions regarding proper use.
1. Insert the battery with its positive + and negative – poles
positioned correctly as indicated.
2. Do not heat, disassemble, or throw it into a fire or short-
circuit the terminals.
Please carefully read the instructions printed on the
Format : Electret condenser type
Directivity : MS stereo with angle variation from
0° – 120° (with a 90° click-stop)
Sensitivity : – 45 dB (0 dB=1 V/Pa, at 1 kHz)
Frequency : 100 –16,000 Hz
Output impedance : 600 ¸ ±30%
Maximum input sound
pressure : 100 dB S.P.L or more
S/N ratio : 63 dB or more
Operating temperature : 0°C – 40°C
Power : DC 1.5 V ("AAA"/UM-4 battery)
Power consumption : Less than 1 mA (when a UM-4 is
Battery duration : Approx. 300 hours of continuous
use (UM-4 at room temperature)
Output cord : 20 cm with a gold-plated stereo
Dimensions : 3.6 (W) x 4.7 (H) x 12.9 (L) cm
Weight : 75 g (not including the battery)
Provided Accessories : "AAA" battery (UM-4 for function
tests)............................................. 1
E. & O. E. Design and specifications subject to change without notice.