Peavey pv5300 Music Mixer User Manual

An active tone control (shelving type: ±15 dB) that varies the level
of the high frequency range.
An active tone control (shelving type: ±15 dB) that varies the level of
the low frequency range.
Caution: Excessive low frequency boost causes greater power
consumption and increases the possibility of speaker damage.
This is used as a send control to the effects bus. It controls the
amount of reverberation added to the input signals.
The level control for each channel sends the signal to the master
mix bus. Typical operation is between 4 and 8 (dependent upon
the input devices) but should be lower than the master level.
Please remember that this acts like a preamp, so if you are using
a device that has a volume output control (i.e., a tape or CD
player) you will need to match the levels by adjusting the level
controls on each unit.
Indicates when the signal level is within 3 dB of clipping.
This input is for typical balanced, low-impedance microphones.
It will automatically provide 15V phantom power for condenser
mics or active direct boxes. This has an input impedance of 1k
ohms. The connector is wired as: Pin 1=shield; Pin 2=positive
(hot); Pin 3=negative (cold).
The 1/4" line input connector is used to connect line-level
sources to the channel input. The line input is typically used for
sources like keyboards and CD players and can be used with the
high level output of wireless microphone receivers. When this
input is used, the XLR mic input is disconnected.
These inputs, RCA (8A) and 1/8" (8B) accept a stereo input from
the output of an MP3 player, CD player, tape deck or other similar
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