Tascam D01175220A DP-006 Recording Equipment User Manual

2 – Quick Start Guides
3. Press the F4 [EXEC] button.
After a
Master Play!
pop-up message appears, the unit enters
master play mode and the Home Screen reopens.
When in master play mode,
appears highlighted at the
top left of the Home Screen.
If you have not made a stereo master track, you will not be able to put the
unit into
4. In this state, you can press the Play (7) button to play back the stereo
master track.
Transferring the stereo master track to a
After creating a stereo master track following the procedures in “Creating
stereo master tracks” on page 72, you can transfer it to a computer
connected using the included USB cable. For instructions about how to
transfer the stereo master track to a computer, see “12 – Exchanging Data with
a Computer” on page 83.
Shutting down
When you are done using the unit, shut it down.
1. Press the HOME button to show the Home Screen.
2. Press and hold the button until
appears on the
The power turns OFF automatically after the unit completes its shutdown
process, including saving various information from your session.
Always follow the above procedures to shut down the unit properly.
Do not remove the batteries or disconnect the power cord, for example,
to turn the power OFF. If you do so, the unit cannot shut down properly
and all recording data and settings that had been made since the last
shutdown or song saving operation will be lost. Lost data and settings
cannot be restored.