Tascam D01175220A DP-006 Recording Equipment User Manual

6 – Basic Recording
4. If a source that uses the INPUT A connector is selected as the INPUT A
input source in step 2 above, set the MIC/LINE-GUITAR switch on the left
side panel appropriately. Set it to GUITAR when connecting an electric
guitar or electric bass directly. Set it to MIC/LINE when inputting a mic or
line signal.
When connecting an electric-acoustic guitar with a built-in preamp or an
active electric guitar, as well as when connecting an electric guitar with
effect boxes between it and this unit, set the MIC/LINE-GUITAR switch to
Monitoring the input signal
When an input source is set as the INPUT A or INPUT B connector on the rear
panel, regardless of the REC button setting, the input signal is always sent to
the stereo bus, so you can always monitor the input signal.
When an input source is set to a front panel built-in mic, the input signal is
sent to the stereo bus and can be monitored only when the REC indicator
light for the track that is set to record the built-in mic is blinking (during
record standby) or lit (while recording). You cannot monitor the built-in mic
input when the REC indicator is not lit.
When an input source is set as the INPUT A or INPUT B connector, during
playback, the sounds of the playback signal and the input source are
mixed and can be heard through headphones or a monitoring system
connected to the /LINE OUT connector.
Setting the monitoring mode
The monitoring mode can be set for the INPUT A/B signals.
1. When the recorder is stopped, press the INPUT SETTING button to open
2. Use the F3 [5] and F4 [b] buttons to select the
item value, and
use the DATA wheel to select (highlight) the input signal monitor mode.
MONOx2: INPUT A/B signals are output as mono signals from left
and right channels.
STEREO: INPUT A/B signals are output as left and right channels.
3. After completing the setting, press the HOME button to return to the
Home Screen.