Tascam DP-008ex Recording Equipment User Manual

2–Quick Start Guides
9. Return to the beginning of the song
(00h00m00s00f) and press the Play (7) button
while pressing and holding the Record (0)
button to begin recording. Play the lead guitar
The Record (0) indicator lights and the TRACK 3
REC indicator stops blinking and stays lit.
10. When you are finished playing, press the Stop (8)
button to stop recording.
11. Press the TRACK 3 REC button to turn its REC
indicator off.
Creating a stereo master track
After finishing the recording, we will mix down the
tracks and create a stereo master track
1. Use the TRACK 1-3 LEVEL knobs to adjust the
level. Use the MASTER LEVEL knob to adjust the
overall level.
2. Use the TRACK 1-3 PAN knobs to adjust the
stereo positions.
Watch the (left channel) and (right channel)
level meters on the display as you make these
3. Press the IN/OUT button to open the I/O SETTING
4. Press the Play (7) button to start playing the
song back, and press the F3 [IN] button to set the
IN point at the point where you want to start the
mix down for the stereo master track.
pop-up message appears.
The stereo master track will be created by mixing
down the audio between the IN and OUT points.