Yamaha BST1 Musical Instrument User Manual

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Thank you for purchasing the BST1 Yamaha Silent Bass Stand.
Before using, thoroughly read this owner’s manual and use the stand in a proper manner.
Stand for Silent Bass Owner’s Manual
Assembling Procedure
Use the wing bolts and washers w on the rubber tube
q to attach the rubber tubes to the upper part of the
2 Expand the legs so that they are at about a 30° angle
to the floor, and tighten the leg fixing bolt e to secure
the legs.
3 Adjust the height of the pipe, and tighten the pipe fixing bolt r to secure the pipe.
* Adjust the height so that the rubber tubes will provide support to the body somewhere above
the control panel. (Fig. B)
4 Place the bass on the stand.
* Make sure that the end pin rests at the end of the end pin holder t. (Fig. C)
5 After placing the instrument on the stand, pass the strap y between the fingerboard and the
body and fasten the strap to the stand. (Fig. D)
Remove the strap before using the instrument. Do not play the instrument when it is on the
* Before assembling, make sure that all parts shown below are present. (Fig. A)
about a 30°
Before using, please carefully read the following “Precautions”
Do not use any instrument other than the Yamaha
Silent Bass. However, the Yamaha Silent Cello can
also be used.
Do not play the instrument while it is resting on the
stand. The instrument or stand may be damaged or
overturned resulting in injury to you or others close
by, or damage to the instrument, stand or objects close
If the instrument is not to be used for an extended
period of time, remove the instrument from the stand
to prevent the instrument and stand from overturn-
When transporting or moving the stand, move the in-
strument and stand separately and carefully. Not do-
ing so may result in injury to you or others close by,
or damage to the instrument, the stand or objects
close by.
Always place the stand on a surface that is flat and
solid. If the instrument or stand is overturned, it may
result in injury to you or others close by, or damage
the instrument, stand or objects close by.
When adjusting stand height, folding or unfolding the
legs, be careful not to pinch your fingers or hands. It
may result in personal injury or an unforeseen acci-
Make sure that the assembly is secure and all screws
are tightened firmly. If screws are loose, retighten. Not
doing so may result in the instrument or stand over-
turning or parts dropping which can cause personal
When adjusting stand height, do not adjust with the
instrument on the stand. Doing so may result in in-
jury to you or others close by, or damage the instru-
ment, stand or objects close by.
End pin
Adjust the rubber tubes so that
they provide support in this
• Stand Unit
• Rubber Tubes x 2
• Strap