Yamaha 9000 Pro Electronic Keyboard User Manual

Plug-in Voices
Plug-in Voices
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Board Custom Voices
As mentioned above, the Board voices are the internal voices of the Plug-in Board, and provide the basic material for the
Plug-in voices as played from the 9000Pro. Among the Board voices are a special set of voices Board Custom voices
which can be edited from a computer connected to the 9000Pro. Each Plug-in Board comes with its own special editing soft-
ware (to be used as a plug-in with XGworks), and the Board Custom voices are edited with this software. However, if you
want to keep any edits that you make to the voices, you must save the data to the 9000Pro with the Board Custom Voice
Backup function, since any data in the RAM memory on the board is lost as soon as the power is turned off.
Board Preset Voices
These Board Voices are pre-programmed to the Plug-in Board and cannot be edited from a computer connected to the
Plug-in Custom Voices
Before the Board voices can be selected and played from the 9000Pro, they are converted to Plug-in voices. By using the
Custom Voice Creator function, you can edit the various parameters of the Plug-in voices and create your own original voices.
About the Plug-in Boards
Plug-in Boards give you an enormous amount of additional sonic flexibility and power. When installed, they work seamlessly
and transparently within the system of the 9000Pro — meaning that you can use their sounds and functions just as if they were
built right into the 9000Pro at the factory!
The boards that are available for and can be installed to the 9000Pro are described below. These boards are not simply a source
of more voices, they are full-featured tone generators in their own right, and they let you not only upgrade the 9000Pro system
by adding more polyphony for example, but they also let enhance and edit the sounds with a variety of parameters. Three types
of boards are available: Single Part, Multi Part, and Effect. The Single Part and Multi Part boards can be used with the 9000Pro.
Please note, however, that Effect Plug-in Boards (e.g., PLG-100VH) cannot be used with the 9000Pro.
Single Part Plug-in Boards
Single Part Plug-in Boards let you add a completely different synthesizer or tone generator and play its voices by using a sin-
gle part of the 9000Pro. Keep in mind that the Single Part boards can only be used for one part (R1 - R3, L, Song Creator) at
a time (see pages 42 and 125).
Analog Physical Modeling Plug-in Board (PLG150-AN)
Using Analog Physical Modeling (AN) synthesis, the very latest digital technology is
used to accurately reproduce the sound of analog synthesizers.
Piano Plug-in Board (PLG150-PF)
A massive 16MB of waveform memory is dedicated to the reproduction of piano
sounds. This board offers 136 stereo sounds, including a number of acoustic and
electric pianos, and up to 64-note polyphony.
Advanced DX/TX Plug-in Board (PLG100-DX, PLG150-DX)
The sounds of the DX7 are available on this Plug-in Board. Unlike PCM-based tone
generators, this board uses the powerful FM Synthesis system the same as found
on DX-series synthesizers for extraordinarily versatile and dynamic sound shap-
ing potential. Sounds are compatible with those of the DX7, and the board can even
receive DX7 data via MIDI bulk dump.
Virtual Acoustic Plug-in Board (PLG100-VL, PLG150-VL)
With Virtual Acoustic (VA) synthesis, the sounds of real instruments are modeled
(simulated) in real time, giving a degree of realism that cannot be achieved using
conventional PCM-based synthesis techniques. When playing these sounds using
an optional MIDI Wind Controller (WX5), you can even capture some of the physical
feel of woodwind instruments.
Multi-Part Plug-in Board
Multi-Part Plug-in Boards let you expand the voice polyphony of the 9000Pro by giving you a full 16 independent instrumental
parts. This type of board allows you to use the maximum polyphony of the 9000Pro for your keyboard performance. For
example, this is especially useful when playing the Organ Flutes voices, which require many notes of polyphony. (See HINT
on page 69.)
Please note that the voices of the Multi Part boards cannot be played from the 9000Pro's keyboard.
XG Plug-in Board (PLG100-XG)
This Plug-in Board is a 16-part XG sound generator. You can play back XG/GM song
les using the rich variety of sounds and effects on this board.
Additional Plug-in Boards will
be available in the future.
The Board Custom Voices
(RAM) described on page 64
are not available in some Plug-
in Boards (e.g., PLG150-PF,
PLG100-VL, PLG100-DX) .
Included with each Plug-in
Board is a floppy disk featuring
special demo songs. You can
play these demo songs on the
9000Pro (XG Plug-in System
format only) using the Song
Player function. Refer to the
Owner’s Manual of your partic-
ular Plug-in Board for details
on the demo songs.