American Audio XDM343 Musical Instrument User Manual

User Instructions
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Thank you for purchasing this American DJ® product. The XDM-343 is ready to be used,
there is no assembly required. Please read the following instructions before installing
or using your new unit. The XDM-343 has a 2 year limited warranty!
C A U T I O N ! - Keep this device away from rain and moisture!
Safety Instructions
Always plug in the power last. Make sure that the Power switch is set to the OFF position before connecting other devices
to the mixer.
Keep away from heaters and other heating sources!
If the device has been exposed to drastic temperature fluctuation (e.g. after transportation), do not switch on the mixer
immediately. The arising condensation of water might damage your device. Leave the device switched off until it has
reached room temperature.
Never put any liquids on the mixer or close to it. Should any liquid enter the device, disconnect from main power
immediately. Have the device be checked by a qualified service technician before operating again. Any damage caused by
liquid entering the device is not subject to warranty!
Never let the AC cord come in contact with other cables! Handle the AC cord and all AC connections with particular care.
Make sure that the available voltage is not higher than stated on the AC voltage selector (25).
Before the device is switched on, all fader and volume controls should be set to 0 or minimum position.
Damages caused by manual modifications to the device or unauthorized operation by unqualified persons are not
subject to warranty.
There are no user serviceable parts inside the mixer. For maintenance and/or service, contact an authorized
American DJ® dealer.
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