Ashly MX-508 Musical Instrument User Manual

Operator Manual – MX-508 Mixer Page - 5
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MX-508 Mixer
The MX-508 is a versatile rack-mountable mixer capable of supporting the following
Small Sound Reinforcement
Meeting/Board Room
Location Recording
Sub-mixing in a larger system
These applications are discussed in detail on Page 8.
Connectors & Cables
Your MX-508 is provided with three different connector types:
1. 1/4 inch stereo phone jacks (TRS)
2. Three pin XLR type connectors
3. RCA Connectors
When possible, balanced connections are recommend between all components in your
system, as this eliminates ground-loop induced hum and noise.
MX-508 Connector Polarities
Unbalanced Connections and Grounding
If you must use unbalanced connectors, the negative lead of the connector should be tied to
the ground lead. Using unbalanced connections could result in chassis ground-loop noise.
Altering the signal/chassis ground relationship in equipment connected to your unit may
eliminate the noise.
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