Shure W15HT/58 Microphone User Manual

The Shure Model W15HT/58 is a handheld
microphone and radio transmitter for use with Shure
Wireless Microphone receivers. The W15HT/58 uses the
legendary Shure SM58 unidirectional dynamic micro-
phone cartridge as its transducer element. Small, com-
pact and lightweight, the W15HT/58 is human-
engineered for reliable, unobtrusive operation. The case
is finished in satin black enamel and ridged over its
length for optimum gripping. The cartridge is easily
removed and is interchangeable with other Shure
Wireless Microphone cartridges.
All operating controls are located in a single area on
the microphone’s outer surface, and are recessed to
minimize accidental movement.
The W15HT/58 uses a standard 9-volt transistor-
radio-type battery (alkaline, lithium or heavy-duty nickel-
cadmium recommended). The long-life alkaline battery
is easily obtained, and battery replacement is easily ac-
complished through a locking end cap. An LED in-
dicator provides information on battery condition.
The transmitter operates at a single, crystal-
controlled frequency in the VHF band between 150 and
216 MHz. A total of 15 frequencies, computer-selected
for interference-free operation, are readily available,
and other frequencies can be specially ordered. This
means that a number of wireless microphone systems
can be operated in a single sound installation,
simultaneously and without intermodulation problems.
The W15HT/58’s normal operating range is about 100
meters (330 feet). Operation at greater distances-300
meters (about 1,000 feet) or more-is often accomplish-
ed, but the determining factors in each installation will
be reflections, obstacles and interference.
The microphone is supplied with a zippered carry-
ing/storage bag, a swivel adapter for mounting the
W15HT/58 on most desk and floor stands, a lockplate
for locking the microphone in the “on” position, and a
small screwdriver for adjusting the transmitter gain.
DESCRIPTION (see Figure 1)
ANTENNA: The W15HT/58’s antenna is not visible. It
consists of the case and grille, and a wire coil inside the
end cap.
BATTERY (not supplied): Only alkaline (Duracell
MN1604 or equivalent), lithium (Kodak U9VL or
equivalent), or heavy duty nickel-cadmium (8.4-volt)
transistor-radio-type batteries should be used. A fresh
alkaline battery should provide approximately 12 hours
of operation, a lithium battery about 35 hours, and a
fully charged, heavy-duty nicad approximately 3 hours.
BATTERY COMPARTMENT: A locking twist-off end
cap exposes the battery compartment.
BATTERY TEST LED lndicator: Flashes briefly when
the POWER Switch is turned on and a “good” battery is
installed. Indicator will be on and clearly visible in room
light when the battery voltage drops to approximately
7.0 volts.
END CAP: The push-twist-remove end cap functions
as both battery cover and antenna coil holder. Note that
the end cap is color-coded internally to reflect the
W15HT/58’s operating frequency as follows:
Green 163-168 MHz Brown-Red 188-192 MHz
Yellow 168-175 MHz Brown-Blue
191-195 MHz
White-Red 175-177 MHz Brown-Orange 192-196 MHz
177-180 MHz Brown-Green 196-201 MHz
White-Orange 180-182 MHz Brown-Yellow
White-Green 182-185 MHz Gray-Red
199-204 MHz
185-188 MHz Gray-Blue
204-210 MHz
210-216 MHz
FREQUENCY NAMEPLATE: Located inside the bat-
tery compartment, the nameplate specifies the
W15HT/58’s operating frequency. Note that the
operating frequency must be within the end cap fre-
quency range (see above).
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