Behringer LX1200H/LX210 Musical Instrument Amplifier User Manual

8.1 Mains voltage
Before connecting the unit to the mains, please make
sure that the voltage setting on the unit matches the
local voltage! The fuse holder at the AC power connector has
3 triangular markings. Two of these three triangles are aligned
with one another. The unit is set to the voltage shown next to
these markings and can be switched over by turning the fuse
holder by 180°. IMPORTANT: This does not apply to export
models designed exclusively for 120 V operation!
+ If you set the unit to a different mains voltage, be
sure to use a fuse of the correct type and rating.
Please refer to chapter 9 SPECIFICATIONS for
+ Blown fuses must be replaced by fuses of the same
type and rating! Please refer to chapter 9
SPECIFICATIONS for details.
The mains connection is made using the enclosed power cord
and a standard IEC receptacle. It meets all of the international
safety certification requirements.
+ Please make sure that all units have a proper
ground connection. For your own safety, never
remove or disable the ground conductor from the
unit or of the AC power cord. The unit shall always
be connected to the mains socket outlet with a
protective earthing connection.
8.2 Audio connections
The inputs of your V-AMPIRE come as mono 1/4" connectors.
All line out, line in and headphones outputs are configured as 1/
4" stereo connectors. The line outputs work with both balanced
and unbalanced connections.
The DI OUT outputs of your V-AMPIRE are on XLR connectors.
Fig. 8.1: XLR connectors
Fig. 8.2: 1/4" TS connector
Fig. 8.3: 1/4" TRS connector
Fig. 8.4: Headphone connector