Yamaha PSR540 Recording Equipment User Manual

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PSR540 Multi Track Recording Tutorial
The PSR540 is equipped with a 16 Track real-time sequencer. The sequencer data is
stored directly to an IBM formatted 720KB (2DD) floppy disk, with a capacity of 65,000
notes, or a 1.44MB (HD) floppy disk, with a capacity of 130,000 notes. The recordings are
saved on the floppy disk in Standard MIDI File Format 0. There are various techniques
that utilize the Multi Track Recording features of the PSR540. The following are some of
the main techniques:
I) Recording a 'Backing Track' using an Auto Accompaniment Style: This technique
involves selecting one or more of the Auto Accompaniment Tracks and recording those
Tracks while playing a chord progression that controls the key of the Auto
Accompaniment. The final recording is an arrangement that can, for example, be used as
a backing accompaniment to a solo part played on a keyboard, guitar or saxophone. The
final recording can also serve as a base for adding individual parts at a later time. This is
a practical technique for a beginner since it involves playing chords with the left hand and
controlling Auto Accompaniment section changes as needed. Right hand playing is NOT
necessary, although, the right hand can be used to control Auto Accompaniment section
II) Recording Track over Track: This technique involves recording one Track at a time
until the Song is complete. It is practical for the user that wants to record multiple ''takes''
of a single part, a single part in various sections, or multiple parts one after the other.
III) Recording Keyboard and Auto Accompaniment Parts Simultaneously: This
technique involves recording while the user plays a keyboard part with the right hand and
Auto Accompaniment chords with the left hand simultaneously.
NOTE: Yamaha Style Disks (Auto Accompaniments) and XG MIDI files (Backup Tracks)
are available for purchase online at www.yamahamusicsoft.com
. To order by phone, call
Music Dispatch at (800) 637-2852. Ask for the Software Catalog. Music Dispatch also has
a selection of 'Fake Books' (books with music written for Auto Accompaniment keyboards
that show simple melody notes and chord names in large print). Ask for the 'Electronic
Keyboard and Organ' or/and the 'Fake Books' Catalog.
I) Recording a 'Backing Track' using an Auto Accompaniment Style:
Setting the Auto Accompaniment Split Point:
1) Press and hold the [ACMP ON/OFF] button while pressing the [DIRECT
ACCESS] button.
2) Adjust the Auto Accompaniment split point by pressing the [+] or [-] button to
move the split point up or down the keyboard as desired.