The Singing Machine SMG-151 Karaoke Machine User Manual

D Warning - Tapping or dropping themicrophone while itis on can permanentlydamage
your microphone.Resist theurge toswing themicrophone aroundby thecord!
This unit is designed to play CD’s bearing the identification logo . If CD’s do not
conform tothe CDstandard,they maynot playproperly.
Fingerprints and dust should be carefullywiped off with a soft cloth. Wipein a straight motion
from thecenter ofthe discto theoutsideedge.
Never use chemicals, such as record cleaning sprays, antistatic sprays or fluids, benzene or
thinner to clean compact discs. These chemicals will permanently damage the plastic
surface ofthe disc.
Always place the compact disc on the disc tray with the label facing upward. Compact discs
can beplayed ononly oneside.
To remove a disc from its storage case, press down on the center of the case and lift the disc
out, holdingit carefullyby theedges.
Discs shouldbe returnedto theircases after useto protectthem fromdust andscratches.
To prevent warping the disc, do not expose it to direct sunlight, high humidity or high
temperatures forextended periodsof time.
Do not apply paper or write anything oneither side of the disc. Theinks used in some felt-tips
pens maydamage thesurfaces ofthe disc.
Adjust MASTERVOLUME controlon yourunit,TV oraudio systemto acomfortable level.
Adjust MIC VOLUME/A.V.C./ECHO/KEY/AUDIO controls as needed to achieve the desired
mix ofmusic andvocals throughyour soundsystem.
Do notpress thedisc coverof theCD compartment whileit’s playing.
Never place anything except a compact disc on the disc tray. Foreign objects can damage
the unit.
Do notapply excessiveforce todisc cover.
Only placeone discon thedisc trayat atime.
To turn on the karaoke system, set the FUNCTION SELECTOR to CDG/RADIO/AUX mode,
the ON/OFFLED willlight up.
To turnoff thesystem, setthe FUNCTIONSELECTORto OFF,the ON/OFFLCD willturn off.
Lift up CD door to open CD/CDG compartment door. Place a disc in the compartment with the
printed side facing toward you.
(Refer to the Trouble Shooting Guide on page E15 if a disc is loaded but the total tracks
do notappear.)
! Gently close the CD door to the CD/CDG compartment. The karaoke machine begins to read
the disc. After that, the disc is playing automatically. (If no disc is loaded, it will display " ").