The Singing Machine SMG-151 Karaoke Machine User Manual

If your television does not have the required Video Input, you will need an RF Modulator (Radio
Frequency Modulator), which connects through your TV Antenna or cable line and serves as
An RF Modulator can be purchased at almost any consumer electronics retailer. If you are
connecting the video from the Singing Machine to either a television or a VCR video input jack,
you must specify the source the TV or VCR is to display. Your TV or VCR user guide can tell you
how todisplay thevideo signalfrom the‘VideoIn’jack.
If you don’t have the manual for your TV or VCR we suggest calling the TV or VCR
manufacturer’s customer servicedepartment. Only themanufacturer will beable to tell youvery
quickly how to configure your TV or VCR to display the video signal coming from the ‘Video
Note: Some projection TV sets do not display the standard blue background used on most
CDGs properly. If the background color is inconsistent or flashing, please try connecting your
Singing Machineto astandardtube television.
Your Singing Machine is designed to connect to your TV the same way you would connect a
video camera, VCR or video game. The Singing Machine is constantly sending the video and
audio signals to the 'VIDEO Out' and 'AUDIO OUT' jacks whenever you play a CDG. So, load a
CDG into your Singing Machine before you start making these connections. You will see lyrics
on theTVscreen assoon asyou getthe setupcompleted correctly.
We refer to TV/VCR because manufacturers use very similar ways to connect TVs and VCRs
and you can connect your Singing Machine to a TV, VCR or satellite system. The setup of your
TV/VCR is the most difficult part of making the connection for displaying your Singing Machine
lyrics. In most homes, the TV has either a cable connected or antennae in use. Once you
connect your Singing Machine to the TV/VCR, you must 'tell' your TV/VCR to display the input
from theSinging Machineinstead ofthe usualinput fromthe cableor antennae.
Check your TV/VCR user manual for the easiest way to setup your particular entertainment
system. If you don't have your manual you can always call your TV/VCR manufacturer for that
information or try hitting their website for online assistance. We've listed below the most
common waysof settingup aTV/VCR:
In the setup menu for configuring the TV/VCR there may be an option on 'Input Selection'
where youmay choosebetween 'Cable/Ant.','Video1', or'Video 2'etc. asthe inputsource.
Try looking for a 'Video' channel between the highest channel and the lowest channel on
yourTV orVCR. (i.e.Between 99and 2may be'VIDEO' or'INPUT' or'GAME')
(3) Look for a button on the remote control for the TV/VCR you are connecting to that says
'VIDEO', 'VIDEO 1', 'Game', 'AUX', 'EXT', 'LINE1', 'LINE-IN' or occasionally the 'VCR'
button willdisplay theVideoinput source.