The Singing Machine SMG-151 Karaoke Machine User Manual

Your will provideyou withmany yearsof fun
and entertainment. Itcan let yoube the“star” asyou sing alongwith your favoriterecordings and
hear yourvoice withthe musicthrough thesystem’sspeaker.
This karaoke center is easy to use, yet full of features with a compact design. After just a few
simple instructions, you will become an expert. Beforeyou use your unit, please glance through
this manual to familiarize yourself with all the features available and the sections of the manual
that describe their operation. Next, go to the section for the specific operation you wish to
For youreasy reference,listed hereare someof themain featuresof thiskaraoke center:
- displaysthe lyricswith thetempo ofmusic whenplaying CD+Gdiscs.
- lets you adjust the channels between the prerecorded original singer's voice
and themusic ifyou usea multiplexkaraoke disc.
- lets youadd anecho toenrich yourvoice fora concerthall effect.
- lets youshare themusic withyour familyor friends.
- lets you connect another audio output component, such as an
equalizer/booster ora PAsystem.
Lyrics onTV screen
Auto Voice Control (A.V.C.)
Audio Control
Echo Control
Built-In Speaker
Auxiliary Output Jacks
lets you replace the original singer's voice with your own voice
when any prerecorded, multiplex karaoke disc is played. To activate, just switch on the Auto
Voice Controland tuneMic Volumeto acomfortable listeninglevel.
- connectheadphonesto yoursystem insteadof usingthe built-inspeakers.
Master Volume Control - lets you turn the volume control clockwise or counter-clockwise until
desired volumelevel isobtained.
PortableCompact Disc+ GraphicsKaraoke System