The Singing Machine SMG-151 Karaoke Machine User Manual

In addition to all of the terminology associated with consumer electronics products, a few
additional terms are used almost exclusively in karaoke. These terms are meant to familiarize
you with the world of Karaoke. The features listed below necessarily pertain to the
particular model Singing Machine that you have. The following are some brief explanations of
karaoke terms:
Echo adds depth and resonance to a singer's voice without affecting the music. This echo is
produced bycreating minorcontrolled feedbackin thesinger's voice.
When the AVC function is activated, the vocals on a multiplex recording are eliminated as soon
as the singer begins singing into the microphone. When the singer stops singing, the vocals on
the multiplex recording are automatically re-activated. This useful function is used primarily
during practice sessions while a singer is learning a song. Please note that the AVC function
only workswith multiplexrecording andnot withstandardaudio recordings.
This function controls pitch of music by controlling the speed at which a tape plays
back. By increasing thespeed of the tape, the musicsounds higher (sharp). By slowing thetape
speed, themusic soundslower (flat).
Key Controller changes the key of the music (+ or - steps) to adjust to the singer’s
This is an acronym for Compact Disc plus Graphics. You will also see variations CD+G, and
CD+Graphics. This is a regular audio CD with information stored on a data track simultaneous
to music. In laymen's terms, CDG has a video output for simple graphics (not full motion video).
In the caseof karaoke, the graphics functionis used to store songlyrics, and display the lyricsin
synch with music. In most cases, CDG software displays lyrics which change color as they are
to besung.Aregulartelevision isall thatis requiredto displayCDG lyrics.
- CDG is a particular type of compact disc encoding system that is different from VCD or
DVD. Your Singing Machine can decode standard audio compact discs and CDG discs. It will
not readVCD orDVD encodeddiscs.
Standard audio discs and cassette tapes will not display lyrics on your TV. Audio CDs do not
containthe softwarenecessary todisplay lyrics.
may not
Auto Voice Control(A.V.C.):
Pitch Control:
Key Controller:
Our multiplexrecordings contain 2copies ofthe samesong. Oneversion isa stereo recordingof
the song without the lead singer. The second version is recorded with the music and
background vocals on the left channel and the lead singer recorded on the right channel. This
‘split track’recordingallows you tocontrol the volumeof thelead singer byadjusting thebalance
control. You can sing a duet with the lead singer or use the lead singer as a guide as you learn
the song, gradually fading them out with the balance control until you are able to sing the song
on yourown.