Fostex VM08 Musical Instrument User Manual

Eight Channel Digital Mixer with DSP Effects
Owner’s Manual
Thank you very much for purchasing the Fostex VM08.
The VM08 digital mini-mixer does all internal signal processing digitally.
The input section consists of eight analog input channels including four for
microphones. The output section, in addition to normal analog outputs such
as two channel stereo and a headphone output, also has S/P DIF digital opti-
cal output with a 44.1 kHz sampling frequency: and 20 bit quantization.
The internal buss is two channel stereo L/R, plus an independent Effects buss
(1, 2) and an AUX buss (1, 2).
In addition to each input channel, an EQ is also provided for the master out-
put. The VM08 also incorporates high performance DSP multi-effects on two
channels that operate by A.S.P. (Fostex Advanced Signal Processing Technol-
ogy*) exclusively developed by Fostex. This allows a wide range of equalizing
and effects processing. All settings, including mix and effects settings, are
stored in scene memory, and a desired scene memory can be recalled instan-
taneously. Although small and lightweight, the VM08 is a high performance
unit. Please read this manual carefully before operation to understand all
functions of the VM08.
* See page 18 for more details on the A.S.P. (Fostex Advanced Signal Process-
ing Technology).