Tascam D01252220A Recording Equipment User Manual

4 – Recording
Erasing marks
Press the ENTER/MARK button on the top of the unit to
delete a mark added at the current position.
If you erase a mark during playback, the mark is
not immediately erased, but rather is erased when
playback stops. If you change the take using the m
[.] or , [/] button without stopping, the
erasure of marks is not completed.
When the unit is in recording standby, the unit can record
up to two seconds before the start of recording and
include it in the recording.
1. When the Home Screen is open, press the FUNCTION
button to open the Functions Screen.
2. Use the VALUE/MARK knob to move the cursor and
select the
menu item.
3. Press the VALUE/MARK knob to turn pre-recording ON
or OFF.
If pre-recording has been turned ON, the
indicator appears with a dark background.
4. When you have finished making the settings, press the
HOME/DISP button to return to the Home Screen.
Used in combination with the auto-record function,
you can capture recordings without losing the initial
If the unit has been in recording standby for less than
two seconds, only the amount of time that the unit has
been in standby can be recorded.