Tascam D01252220A Recording Equipment User Manual

7 – Connection with a computer
Copying files from a computer
Drag and drop files from anywhere on the computer to
folders that you create as desired in the “MUSIC” folder.
After you have copied files to an SD card and discon-
nected from the computer, on the
screen, select
the folder that you copied the files into and execute the
REBUILD operation. (See “REBUILD” on page 39.)
Rebuilding the folder makes it possible for this unit to play
the copied files.
Before rebuilding, make sure the file and folder names
contain only single-byte alphanumeric characters.
If you use a computer to change the name of a file or
folder created by this unit, the unit will not recognize
the affected files as takes. Avoid changing names on a
computer if you want to use them again on this unit.
Files with formats that are not supported by this
unit will not be recognized even after rebuilding and
cannot be played back.
You can also use the computer to manage the contents
of the “MUSIC” folder.
You can create subfolders inside the “MUSIC” folder,
but this unit can only recognize one level of subfolders.
The unit ignores deeper folder levels and the files in
Since this unit can be set to play the contents of a
single folder, organizing folders by musical category or
artist could be convenient.
This unit can only read files and folders with
names that contain only single-byte alphanumeric
Names given to subfolders and files are shown on the
unit’s Home Screen and the
Folders created directly inside the “MUSIC” folder
using a computer can be given names with 16 or more
characters without interfering with the operation of
the unit, but only the first 15 characters will be shown
on its display.
Ending the connection with a
Follow the correct computer procedures to disconnect
the unit from the computer before disconnecting the USB
cable. Please refer to your computer manual for infor-
mation about the correct procedures for disconnecting an
external drive.
After being disconnected, the power is set to standby.