Tascam D01252220A Recording Equipment User Manual

6 – Playback
Mixing and outputting a multitrack
When playing back the sound of a multitrack recording,
you can use the unit’s internal mixer to make a stereo mix
and then output that.
Adjust the playback sound of tracks 1–6 using mixer
channels 1–6. You can also adjust the overall level of the
You can output the stereo mix that you have mixed using
the internal mixer to the PHONE and DIGITAL/SYNC OUT
In addition, if the
item is set to
a stereo mix can be output from the LINE OUTPUTS jacks.
When set this way, the sound of the left (L) channel is
output through LINE OUTPUTS 1, 3 and 5 and the sound
of the right (R) channel is output through LINE OUTPUTS
2, 4 and 6.
Using the internal mixer
1. Press the MIX LEVEL button to open the
2. Adjust the levels of channels 1–6 and the overall mix
on this screen. Use the channel number (1–6) and MIX
[LOCK] buttons to select the channels that you want
to adjust.
3. Use the VALUE/MARK knob to adjust the optimal level
in a range between 0 and 100 (default value is 100).
4. Press the MIX PAN button to open the
5. Use the pan controls on this screen to adjust the stereo
position of each channel. Use the channel number
(1–6) buttons to select the channels that you want to
Multiple channels can be linked and controlled at the
same time. (See “GANG function” on page 48.)
6. Use the VALUE/MARK knob to adjust each to a
suitable stereo position using values ranging from L10–
L1 (left) to C (center) and R1–R10 (right). (Odd number
channels are set to L10 and even number channels are
set to R10 by default.)
7. When you have finished making the settings, press the
HOME/DISP button to return to the Home Screen.
This function cannot be used when playing a stereo
Using the solo function
Press and hold one of the channel number (1–6) buttons
on the front panel to enable solo monitoring for that
When solo monitoring, the indicator appears
on the Home Screen, and the indicator appears for
the soloed channel.
To turn solo monitoring off, press and hold the corre-
sponding channel number (1–6) button again.
Solo monitoring can only be used with headphones
and the built-in speaker.
Playing a stereo track
In addition to multitrack recording, this unit can also
record a stereo track simultaneously. For example, a 6-track
multitrack and a stereo track can be recorded at the same
During playback, press the MULTI/STEREO button to
switch between the multitrack and the stereo track
During playback of the stereo track, the icon
appears on the Home Screen.