Tascam dp 03 Music Mixer User Manual

2 – Quick Start Guides
Playback and mixing
In this section, we will play back the demo song on the
included SD card.
When this unit is purchased new, the SD card with the
demo song on it is already installed in the unit, but we
will start by explaining how to insert an SD card using the
procedures below.
1 Open the SD card slot cover on the left side panel
and insert the included SD card into the slot.
Be careful not to forcibly insert the card in the wrong
direction. Doing so could damage the slot or the card.
2 After inserting the SD card, close the card slot
3 Connect the included AC adaptor (TASCAM PS-
1225L) to the DC IN 12V connector on the rear
AC outlet
DC plug
Never use any adaptor other than the TASCAM PS-
1225L AC adaptor (included), because it is designed for
the power requirements of this unit. Use of a different
adaptor could cause malfunction, fire or electric shock.
There is a hook for holding the AC adaptor cord
in place (cord holder) on the bottom panel. When
using the adaptor, wrap the cord around this hook to
prevent it from being disconnected during use.
4 Connect headphones to the PHONES jack on the
rear panel.
5 Press the STANDBY/ON button on the rear panel to
turn the power ON.
Startup Screen
After the unit starts the Home Screen appears on the
Home Screen
Do not remove or insert an SD card when the power
is ON. Always turn the power OFF (standby) before
removing or inserting a card.
If you remove or insert an SD card when the power
is ON, all recorded data and settings made since the
last time the unit was shut down or a song was saved
will be lost. These lost data and settings cannot be