Tascam dp 03 Music Mixer User Manual

Left side panel
Q Kensington lock attachment hole
W SD card slot/USB connector cover
E USB port
Use a USB2.0-compliant mini-B cable to connect the
unit with a computer to share files with the computer,
including importing and exporting, as well as backing
up song files. (See “Connecting with a computer” on
page 65.) (No USB cable is supplied with this unit.
Please use one at hand or purchase one is necessary.)
R SD card slot
Insert the SD card into this slot.
Right side panel
T Disc tray
Press the F2 (
) button when the
screen is shown
to open the disc tray to insert or remove a disc.
Push the disc tray until it clicks shut to close it.
Y Access indicator
This lights when the unit is accessing the disc.
U Eject button
Press to open and close the disc tray when the
screen is shown.
I Emergency eject button
If the disc tray will not open, press the button inside
this hole to forcibly open the disc tray.
Do not use this button at any time other than an
emergency. Before using this, set the power to STANDBY
and disconnect the AC adaptor.
3 – Names and Functions of Parts