Tascam dp 03 Music Mixer User Manual

1 – Introduction
Explanation of actions in special situation and
Instructions that should be followed to avoid injury,
damage to the unit or other equipment, and loss of data.
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This product is designed to help you record and
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copyright, or where you have obtained permission
from the copyright holder or the rightful licensor.
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circumstances will TEAC Corporation be responsible
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using the recorder.
Precautions for placement and
The operating temperature should be between 5°C and
35°C (41°F and 95°F).
Do not install in the following types of places. Doing
so could degrade the sound quality and/or cause
Places with significant vibrations or that are
otherwise unstable
Near windows or other places exposed to direct
Near heaters or other extremely hot places
Extremely cold places
Places with bad ventilation or high humidity
Very dusty locations
Make sure that the unit is mounted in a level position
for correct operation.
Do not place any object on the unit for heat dissipation.
Avoid installing this unit on top of any heat-generating
electrical device such as a power amplifier.
Beware of condensation
If the unit is moved from a cold to a warm place, or
used immediately after a cold room has been heated or
otherwise exposed to a sudden temperature change,
condensation could occur. Should this happen, leave the
unit for one or two hours before turning the unit on.
Cleaning the unit
To clean the unit, wipe it gently with a soft dry cloth. Do
not wipe with chemical cleaning cloths, benzene, paint
thinner, ethyl alcohol or other chemical agents to clean
the unit as they could damage the surface.