Tascam dp 03 Music Mixer User Manual

4 – Preparations
Preparing the power and the SD
Installing an SD card
1 Open the SD card slot cover on the left side panel
of the unit.
2 Insert the SD Card into the slot as shown in the
illustration until it clicks into place.
3 After inserting the card, close the cover.
An SD card is installed in the card slot when the unit is
shipped from the factory. You can use this card as is to
record and play back files. There is no need to reinsert it.
Ejecting the card
Push and insert the card further in to eject it.
Always turn the power OFF before removing an SD
card. Removing a card while the power is still ON will
cause any recordings and settings made since the last
time the power was turned OFF or the song was saved
to be lost. These data and settings cannot be recovered.
This unit uses SD cards for recording and playback. SD
and SDHC cards that are at least 512 MB in size can be
A list of SD cards that have been tested with this unit
can be found on the TASCAM web site (www.tascam.
Write-protected cards
SD cards have write-protect (lock) switches.
Unprotected Protected
When the protect switch is in the LOCK position, files
cannot be recorded or edited on the card. Slide the switch
away from the LOCK position if you want to record, erase
or otherwise change files on a card.
Preparing the power
As shown in the illustration, connect the included PS-
1225L AC adaptor to the DC IN 12V jack.
AC outlet
DC plug
The bottom panel has a hook (cord holder) that can be
used to hold the AC adaptor cord in place.
When using it, wrap the cord around this cord holder to
prevent it from being disconnected during use.
Use only the TASCAM PS-1225L AC adaptor and power
cord. Using an AC adaptor other than this one could
cause malfunction, fire or electric shock.
The AC adaptor must be used to supply power to this
unit. Power cannot be supplied to this unit by USB.