Tascam dp 03 Music Mixer User Manual

About Compact Discs
In addition to audio CDs (CD-DA), the DP-03 can play
CD-R and CD-RW discs on which audio CD format files are
recorded. The unit can also play 3-inch CDs.
Precaution for CD use
Use only CD, CD-R and CD-RW discs that bear the
following logos.
Always place the compact discs in the trays with their
label facing upward.
To remove a disc from its case, press down on the
center of the disc holder, then lift the disc out, holding
it carefully by the edges.
Do not touch the signal side (the unlabeled side).
Fingerprints, oils and other substances can cause errors
during recording.
To clean the signal side of a disc, wipe gently with a soft
dry cloth from the center towards the outside edge.
Dirt on discs can lower the sound quality, so clean
them and always store them in a clean state.
Do not use any record spray, anti-static solutions,
benzene, paint thinner or other chemical agents to
clean CDs as they could damage the delicate playing
surface. It may cause CDs to become unplayable.
Do not apply labels or other materials to discs. Do
not use discs that have had tape, stickers or other
materials applied to their surface. Do not use discs that
have sticky residue from stickers, etc. Such discs could
become stuck in the unit or cause it to malfunction.
Never use a commercially available CD stabilizer. Using
stabilizers with this unit will damage the mechanism
and cause it to malfunction.
Do not use cracked discs.
Only use circular compact discs. Avoid using non-
circular promotional, etc. discs.
Copy-protected discs and other discs which do
not conform to the CD standard may not play back
correctly in this player. If you use such discs in this
unit, TEAC Corporation and its subsidiaries cannot be
responsible for any consequences or guarantee the
quality of reproduction. If you experience problems
with such non-standard discs, you should contact the
producers of the disc.
About CD-R and CD-RW discs
CD-R discs can be recorded only once, and recorded
tracks cannot be erased. However, if the disc has not
been finalized and sufficient space is available on the
disc, additional material can be recorded. After finishing
recording, finalizing a CD-R makes it playable in most
ordinary CD players (some CD players might not be able
to play these discs).
If a CD-RW disc becomes full, you can erase the recorded
data to allow reuse. However, you cannot designate
specific songs for erasure
Even after being finalized, CD-RW discs can only be played
in players that specifically support their playback.
About SD cards
This unit uses SD cards for recording and playback. SD and
SDHC cards that are at least 512 MB in size can be used. A
list of SD cards that have been tested with this unit can be
found on the TASCAM web site (www.tascam.com).
Precautions for use
SD cards are delicate media. In order to avoid damaging a
card or the card slot, please take the following precautions
when handling them.
Do not leave them in extremely hot or cold places.
Do not leave them in extremely humid places.
Do not let them get wet.
Do not put things on top of them or twist them.
Do not hit them.
Do not remove or insert an SD card when the power is
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