Tascam dp 03 Music Mixer User Manual

TRACK 3 REC indicator
5 Use the TRIM knob for INPUT B to adjust the input
level suitably for the mic.
Set the TRIM knob so that the OL indicator for
INPUT B does not light even when the loudest
sound to be recorded is input.
OL indicator
When you input a sound through built-in MIC B, the
input level is shown by the “ ” level meter.
When you raise the TRACK 3 fader, the MASTER fader
and the PHONES LEVEL knob, you can hear the sound
of the mic input through the headphones
If the OL indicator continues to light even when the TRIM
knob is turned down, the mic signal itself is too loud.
In this case, move the mic further away from the sound
source or lower the volume of the sound source.
Always monitor through headphones when using a mic. If
you monitor through speakers, feedback could occur.
6 Return to the beginning of the song, and start
playback of the recorded rhythm guitar and lead
guitar parts. Sing along with the recordings.
You can hear the playback of the recorded guitar
parts on tracks 1 and 2 along with the vocal on your
7 As necessary, use the TRACK 1 and 2 faders, PAN
knobs, MASTER fader and PHONES LEVEL knob to
adjust the monitoring level and balance.
8 Return to the beginning of the song, press and
hold the RECORD (º) button and press the PLAY
(Á) button to start recording. Sing your song.
The RECORD (º) button lights red, and the TRACK 3
REC indicator stops blinking and stays lit.
9 When you are done singing, press the STOP (ª)
button to stop recording.
10 Press the TRACK 3 REC button to end record
Its REC indicator becomes unlit.
Mixing the tracks
After you finish recording, the next step is to make a
stereo mix.
1 Use the TRACK 1–3 faders to adjust their levels
and balance. Use the MASTER fader to adjust the
overall level.
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