Tascam dp 03 Music Mixer User Manual

11 – SD Card Management
Overview of partitions
As described in “Partitions and songs” (page 35), SD cards
formatted by this unit are divided into partitions. MTR
partitions are for recording data while the FAT partition
can be accessed with a personal computer.
The FAT partition is FAT32 format and can be accessed
by a computer connected to this unit by USB. This FAT
partition is used to save songs and export stereo master
tracks to computers, as well as to allow this unit to import
audio files into songs, for example. For this reason, two
steps are necessary to copy from a MTR partition and a
computer. You can also format an entire card or individual
partition as well as change the divisions between
partitions (repartition) as necessary.
Formatting and repartition operations cannot be undone!
The FAT (File Allocation Table) format is a disk format
that can be read by a computer.
SD and SDHC card that are at least 512MB in size can
be used.
Formatting cards
This operation formats the entire card.
This operation erases all the data on the card and cannot
be undone! Confirm that you will not lose important data
before formatting a card.
1 When the recorder is stopped, press MENU to open
2 Turn the DATA wheel to select
, and press the
F4 (¥) button to open the
menu screen.
3 Turn the DATA wheel to select
and press
the F4 (¥) button.
screen opens.
MTR partition size
FAT partition size
Total card size
The following table shows the FAT and MTR partition
sizes for different SD card capacities. The FAT partition
size is set automatically according to card capacity.
Card capacity and partition size
Card capacity FAT partition
MTR partition
32 GB 4GB 28 GB
16 GB 4GB 12 GB
8 GB 2GB 6 GB
4 GB 2 GB 2 GB
2 GB 1 GB 1 GB
1 GB 512 MB 512 MB
512 MB 256 MB 256 MB
A message warning that all songs will be erased
4 Press the F3 (
) button to format the card.
For example, if you format a 16 GB card, 12 GB are
left for MTR partitions after 4 GB is used for the FAT
partition. (Since 1GB is actually 1024 MB, the total size
of the partitions does not always match the card size.)
When formatting finishes the
menu screen
After formatting, one song is automatically created in
each MTR partition.
To cancel formatting, press the
F4 (
) button.
Reformatting MTR partitions
You can reformat an MTR partition if you want. Use this
function when you just want to format a specific partition
without changing its size.
You cannot undo this operation! All the data on the
selected MTR partition will be erased, so be certain that
you will not lose anything important when reformatting.
1 When the recorder is stopped, press the MENU
button to open the
2 Use the DATA wheel to select
, and press the
F4 (¥) button to open the
menu screen.