Yamaha CP5 Electronic Keyboard User Manual

11 CP5/CP50 Reference Manual
Internal Design of the CP5 & CP50 > Controller
Your stage piano’s Controller consists of the keyboard, pitch bend wheel, knobs, foot pedals, and other input devices
used while playing. It is important to bear in mind that the keyboard itself does not generate any sound; instead, it sends
note, velocity, and other performance-related signals to a tone generator, which then produces sounds in response. In
the same way, the other Controller devices also send signals to the tone generator whenever they are operated. Specifi-
cally speaking, the signals produced and sent by the keyboard and other devices are MIDI messages, and therefore,
they can also be sent to other MIDI devices or a computer via the MIDI OUT connector or the USB TO HOST port. Please
note, however, that data produced by the knobs is not output from the instrument in this way.