Tascam DP-008ex Recording Equipment User Manual

1 – Introduction
About SD cards
This unit uses SD cards for recording and playback.
SD cards that meet SD/SDHC standards and are at
least 512 MB can be used with this unit.
A list of SD cards that have been confirmed for use
with this unit can be found on the TASCAM website
(http://tascam.com/). Please check this site or contact
TASCAM customer support.
Precautions for use
SD cards are delicate media. In order to avoid
damaging a card or the card slot, please take the
following precautions when handling them.
Do not leave them in extremely hot or cold places.
Do not leave them in extremely humid places.
Do not let them get wet.
Do not put things on top of them or twist them.
Do not hit them.
Precautions for installation
The unit’s nominal operating temperature is from
5º to 35º C (41º–95º F).
Do not install in the following types of places.
Doing so could degrade the sound quality or
cause malfunctions.
• Places with significant vibrations
• Near windows or other places exposed to
direct sunlight
• Near heaters or other extremely hot places
• Extremely cold places
• Places with high humidity or bad ventilation
• Dusty places
• Places directly exposed to rain or other water
Do not place this unit on top of a power amplifier
or other device that generates heat.
Beware of condensation
If the unit is moved from a cold to a warm place, or
used immediately after a cold room has been heated
or otherwise exposed to a sudden temperature
change, condensation could occur. Should this
happen, leave the unit for one or two hours before
turning the unit on.
Cleaning the unit
To clean the unit, wipe it gently with a soft dry cloth.
Do not wipe with chemical cleaning cloths, paint
thinner, ethyl alcohol or other chemical agents to
clean the unit as they could damage the surface.
User registration
Customers in the USA, please visit the TASCAM
website (http://tascam.com/) to register as a user