Tascam DP-008ex Recording Equipment User Manual

3 – Names and functions of parts
Menu structure
Press the MENU button to open the
The menu items are as follows.
Menu item Function Reference
INFORMATION View information about files, SD card and the system. page 71
SONG Manage songs, including loading and saving them and creating new ones. page 37
CARD Format SD card, etc. page 72
DATA BACKUP Back up and restore songs. page 77
IMPORT/EXPORT Import and export tracks and export master tracks. page 79
Adjust the repeat playback interval, contrast, backlight, auto power save and
foot switch settings and initialize the backup memory, for example.
page 36
page 54
page 55
page 70
page 71
Dedicated buttons can be used to directly access some setting screens as follows.
Button Function Reference
BOUNCE/MIXDOWN/MASTERING Bounce tracks and create and refine stereo master tracks.
page 51
page 62
PHANTOM Turn phantom power ON/OFF. page 42
Select input sources and set input equalizers and dynamic
page 42
page 44
Assign INPUT A and INPUT B as the recording sources for
page 44
REVERB Set reverb. page 61
EQ Set track equalizers. page 61
TUNER Use when tuning instruments. page 69
METRONOME Make metronome settings. page 69
TRACK EDIT Edit tracks. page 56
UN/REDO [HISTORY] Undo the last action and redo the last undo. page 49
Press and hold UN/REDO [HISTORY] Show the undo/redo history and select operations. page 49
REPEAT Repeat playback between the set IN and OUT points. page 53
IN/OUT Set the IN and OUT points. page 53
Record (0) + IN/OUT Enable and disable auto punch in/out mode. page 55