Tascam DP-008ex Recording Equipment User Manual

3 – Names and functions of parts
Home Screen
1 Recorder mode
Shows the current recorder mode.
Indication Recoder mode
Multitrack recording
Bounce mode
Mixdown mode
Mastering mode
2 SD card write-protection indicator
If the SD card write-protection switch is set to
“Lock”, the icon appears here.
3 SD card insertion status
When an SD card is loaded in the unit, the icon
appears here. (The icon appears when no card is
loaded in the unit.)
4 Battery status
A battery icon appears when the unit is being
powered by batteries.
When a battery is being used, a battery icon
shows the amount of power remaining in bars (
, , ).
When the batteries are almost dead and the
power will soon turn off, an icon with no bars
appears blinking.
When using the AC adapter (sold separately)
5 Recorder transport state
One of the following icons appears depending on
the status of the recorder.
Indicator Meaning
Playing back
Searching backward
Searching forward
6 Repeat playback / auto punch mode indicator
When repeat playback is active appears.
The icon appears when auto punch in/out
mode is active.
7 Recorder time counter
Shows the elapsed time from the start of the song.
8 Cursor that shows time increment being edited
When the unit is stopped press the HOME
button to move the cursor between time counter
Turn the DATA wheel to change the value of the
underlined time increment.
9 INPUT A and B level meters, muting and input
equalizer ON/OFF status
These show this input source signal levels of INPUT
A ( ) and INPUT B ( ).
Icons appear as follows according to whether their
input equalizers are ON or OFF.
Input equalizer Level meter icons
ON ,
0 Level meter guide
This guideline for adjusting input and output
levels indicates –12 dB.
q TRACK 1-8 level meters, muting and track
equalizer ON/OFF status
Shows the input level when recording and the
playback signal level when playing back.
When a track is muted, its number is shown as a
dark number on a light background.
Track muting Level meter icons
ON ,
Icons appear as follows according to whether their
track equalizers are ON or OFF.
Track equalizer Level meter icons
ON ,
w Level meter for stereo outputs (L, R)
Shows the level of the signal output from the LINE
OUT and PHONES jacks.