Tascam DP-008ex Recording Equipment User Manual

1 – Introduction
Conventions used in this manual
In this manual, we use the following conventions:
When we refer to buttons, connectors and other
parts of this unit and other equipment, we use a
bold font like this: MENU button.
The 7 button is indicated as the Play (7) button,
the 8 button as the Stop (8) button and the 0
button as the Record (0) button.
Selectable items and messages shown on the
display are indicated like this:
The four buttons beneath the LCD display are
called function buttons and are referred to as F1,
F2, F3 and F4 from left to right. Their functions are
shown above them at the bottom of the display
and after the button name in brackets in this
Examples: F2 [EXEC] button, F4 [t] button
SD memory cards are called “SD cards”.
Words that appear on the computer display are
shown in quotation marks like this: “DP-008EX”
The currently selected MTR partition is called the
“active partition”.
Additional information is provided as necessary as
tips, notes and cautions.
These are tips about how to use the unit.
These provide additional explanations and
describe special cases.
Failure to follow these instructions could result
in injury, damage to equipment or lost recording
data, for example.
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This product is designed to help you record
and reproduce sound works to which you own
the copyright, or where you have obtained
permission from the copyright holder or the
rightful licensor. Unless you own the copyright,
or have obtained the appropriate permission
from the copyright holder or the rightful licensor,
your unauthorized recording, reproduction or
distribution thereof may result in severe criminal
penalties under copyright laws and international
copyright treaties. If you are uncertain about
your rights, contact your legal advisor. Under no
circumstances will TEAC Corporation be respon-
sible for the consequences of any illegal copying
performed using the recorder.