Tascam DP-008ex Recording Equipment User Manual

6 – Basic Recording
Using the de-esser
Set the
on the
screen to
to use the de-esser.
1. When the
screen is open,
use the F3 [5] and F4 [b] buttons to select
(highlight) the
2. Use the DATA wheel to select (highlight)
3. Use the F3 [5] and F4 [b] buttons to select
(highlight) the following parameters, and use the
DATA wheel to adjust their values.
Set the frequency.
Options: 1.00kHz, 1.07kHz, 1.15kHz, 1.23kHz,
1.32kHz, 1.41kHz (default), 1.52kHz,
1.62kHz, 1.74kHz, 1.87kHz, 2.00kHz,
2.14kHz, 2.30kHz, 2.46kHz, 2.64kHz,
2.83kHz, 3.03kHz, 3.25kHz, 3.48kHz,
3.73kHz, 4.00kHz
Set the amount of the effect.
Range: 0 – 100 (default: 0)
4. After making the settings, press the HOME
button to return to the Home Screen.
Making the first recording
Before beginning the following recording procedures,
connect a recording source (guitar, keyboard, etc.) to
an input, assign that input as the recording source
for a track and connect headphones or an external
monitoring system (powered monitor speakers or an
amplifier and speakers).
1. Press the REC button of a track to put it into
recording standby.
Its REC indicator blinks.
A maximum of two tracks can be recorded simul-
If you press a different REC button when the REC
indicators of two tracks are already blinking, the
track that was put into record standby first will
become inactive and the REC indicator will turn
For example, if you press the REC buttons for
TRACK 1, TRACK 2 and TRACK 3 in that order,
TRACK 1, which was pressed first, will no longer
be in record standby, but TRACK 2 and TRACK 3,
which were pressed afterwards, will be in record
2. Set the recording level.
Use the INPUT A/B TRIM knobs to adjust the
input levels.
Watch the display and level meters and the
OL indicators above and to the left of the TRIM
knobs while setting their levels suitably.
At the same time, confirm that the sound you
hear from the headphones or an external
monitoring system (powered monitor speakers or
an amplifier and speakers) is not distorted.
The level meters of tracks with assigned input
sources move in the same way as the INPUT A/
B level meters ( and ). The OL indicator lights
if the input is too loud. If the OL indicator stays lit
even when you lower the TRIM knob, lower the
output level on the signal source connected to the
3. While pressing and holding the Record (0)
button, press the Play (7) button.
The Record (0) button indicator lights red when
recording starts, and the TRACK REC indicators
stop blinking and stay lit.
4. Press the Stop (8) button to end recording.