Yamaha 9000 Pro Electronic Keyboard User Manual

Creating Plug-in Custom Voices
Creating Plug-in Custom Voices
102 Reference
Voice Editing
Board Voice selection
The explanations here apply to step #7 on page 101.
Before entering the Plug-in Custom Voice Creator function, you have already called up
a specific voice for editing. Selecting a Board voice here lets you determine the basic
sound source, letting you select a variation sound for the voice.
Select the Board Voice.
Can be used to com-
pare the sound of the
originally selected voice
with the changed voice.
Select the desired
menu and edit the voice
Select this to
store the
edited voice
to Flash
ROM (step
#8 on page
Keep in mind that some of your
editing may have little to no
effect on the actual sound,
depending on the particular
board and the particular
parameter being edited.