Yamaha 9000 Pro Electronic Keyboard User Manual

MIDI Functions
MIDI Functions
Reference 169
Channel Messages
The 9000Pro is an electronic instrument that can handle 32 channels. This is usually
expressed as it can play 32 instruments at the same time. Channel messages transmit infor-
mation such as Note ON/OFF, Program Change, for each of the 32 channels.
System Messages
This is data that is used in common by the entire MIDI system. System messages include
messages like System Exclusive Messages that transmit data unique to each instrument
manufacturer and Realtime Messages that control the MIDI device.
The messages transmitted/received by the 9000Pro are shown in the MIDI Data Format
and MIDI Implementation Chart on pages 228 and 244.
MIDI and TO HOST Terminals
In order to exchange MIDI data between multiple devices, each device must be con-
nected by a cable.
There are two ways to connect: from the MIDI terminals of the 9000Pro to the MIDI
terminals of an external device using a MIDI cable, or from the TO HOST port of the
9000Pro to the serial port of a personal computer using a special cable.
If you connect from the 9000Pro TO HOST terminal to a personal computer, the
9000Pro will be used as a MIDI interface, meaning that a dedicated MIDI interface is
not necessary.
In the rear panel of the 9000Pro, there are two kinds of terminals, the MIDI terminals
and the TO HOST terminal.
The MIDI A terminals and the TO HOST terminal are mutually exclusive; they cannot
be used at the same time. Use the HOST SELECT switch to change between the MIDI
A terminals and the TO HOST terminal.
When the HOST SELECT switch is set to “MIDI,” the MIDI A terminals receive/trans-
mit MIDI data. When the HOST SELECT switch is set to “Mac,” “PC-1,” or “PC-2,”
the MIDI A terminals will not receive/transmit data.
The MIDI B IN/OUT terminals function regardless of the setting of the HOST
SELECT switch.
Message Name 9000Pro Operation/Panel Setting
Note ON/OFF Messages which are generated when the keyboard is played. Each mes-
sage includes a specific note number which corresponds to the key which
is pressed, plus a velocity value based on how hard the key is played.
Program Change Voice selecting (control change bank select MSB/LSB setting)
Control Change Volume, panpot (Mixing Console), etc.
Message Name 9000Pro Operation/Panel Setting
System Exclusive
Effect type settings (Mixing Console), etc.
Realtime Messages Clock setting, Start/stop operation
MIDI IN Receives MIDI data from another MIDI device.
MIDI OUT Transmits the 9000Pros keyboard information as MIDI data to another
MIDI device.
TO HOST Transmits and receives MIDI data to and from a personal computer.
The performance data of all
songs, styles and Multi Pads is
MIDI data.
When using the TO HOST ter-
minal to connect to a personal
computer using Windows 95/
98, a Yamaha MIDI driver must
be installed in the personal
computer. The included disk
contains the Yamaha MIDI
Special MIDI cables (sold sep-
arately) must be used for con-
necting to MIDI devices. They
can be bought at music stores,
Never use MIDI cables longer
than about 15 meters. Cables
longer than this can pick up
noise which can cause data
The MIDI B port ignores Sys-
tem Exclusive messages.