Yamaha 9000 Pro Electronic Keyboard User Manual

Style Creator
Style Creator
Reference 133
Style Recording Bass/Chord Tracks/Pad/Phrase
Recording of the bass, phrase, pad and chord tracks is unlike recording of the rhythm
(drum) parts in that you have to clear the track data of the original style before record-
3 Set the desired parts to "REC."
1 When this button is pressed, DELETE will
appear for parts which contain data.
2 Set the desired part to "DELETE" while
holding this button to delete all data in the
corresponding parts. The data is actually
deleted when this button is released.
4 Start recording.
You can start recording with one of the following ways:
Press the [START/STOP] button.
Press the [SYNC START] button to enable synchronized
standby (page 20), then play a key on the keyboard.
The recording repeats indenitely (until stopped) in a loop.
Notes that you record will play back from the next repetition,
letting you record while hearing previously recorded material.
5 Stop recording.
and DRUM KIT voices cannot
be selected for these parts.
Observe the following rules when recording the MAIN and FILL sections:
Use only the CM7 scale tones when recording the BASS and PHRASE tracks (i.e. C,
D, E, G, A, and B).
Use only the chord tones when recording the CHORD and PAD tracks (i.e. C, E, G, and
Any appropriate chord or chord progression can be used for the INTRO and ENDING sec-
The basic chord for the accompaniment is called the source chord. The default source chord
is set as CM7, but you can change it to whatever chord is easy for you to play. For details,
see Style File (Auto Accompaniment) Format (page 127) and Parameter Edit (page 135).
C = chord tone
C, S = scale tones