Yamaha 9000 Pro Electronic Keyboard User Manual

86 Reference
Refer to “Quick Guide” on page 40 for details.
The operations for each function corresponding to step #4 are covered in the following
Recording a Sample
Refer to page 40 for instructions on recording a sample.
The following display will be shown in step #9 on page 40.
When FIXED PITCH above is set to OFF, the new recorded sample will be assigned to
C3. Notice that the pitch and speed of the sample “follows” the keyboard: Playing keys
lower than the original results in a lower pitch and slower speed; playing higher keys
results in higher pitch and faster speed.
Basic Procedure
1 Press the [SOUND
CREATOR] button.
2 Select SAMPLING. 3 Select the desired menu.
4 Follow the on-screen instructions.
Quick Guide
on page 40
You can set the START/END
KEY by pressing the desired
key while holding either of the
LCD buttons.
Set the key range to
which the new sample
will be assigned.
Set this parameter to ON if
you want the sample to play
back at the same pitch over
the entire key range of the
START KEY Original key
Pitch/speed of
sample goes down.
Pitch/speed of
sample goes up.