Yamaha 9000 Pro Electronic Keyboard User Manual

Display-based Controls
Display-based Controls
46 Basic Operation
Name Entry
A number of 9000Pro functions allow you to enter a name for, for example, a file you
will be saving to disk, a custom voice or style, etc. The name entry procedure is essen-
tially the same in all cases (only the maximum number of characters which can be
entered will vary). An example display which includes NAME entry parameters is
shown below:
Computer Keyboard Functions
You can connect a computer keyboard (PC-compatible only) to the 9000Pro for the fol-
lowing functions.
Name Entry (see above)
Selecting voices, styles, songs and Registration Memory settings (see below)
Step Recording (see below)
For details on using a computer keyboard with the 9000Pro, see page 167.
Please note that Macintosh computer keyboards and USB computer keyboards cannot
be used with the 9000Pro.
Selecting a character
Use these buttons to
move up or down in the
character list. To move
laterally through the
character list, use the
data dial.
Clears all characters.
Deletes the character at
the cursor position.
Moves the cursor position in
the NAME box.
Enters the character selected by the LCD [D] and [E] buttons.
Aborts character entry.
Press one of these after
youve nished entering the
name to actually assign the
name to the data.
When this icon appears in the
display, you can directly call up
the Name Entry page by press-
ing the corresponding button.
You can also enter the name
directly from a computer key-
board (PC-compatible only).
See below for details.