Yamaha 9000 Pro Electronic Keyboard User Manual

Creating Plug-in Custom Voices
Creating Plug-in Custom Voices
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E3: NATIVE PRM. (Native Part Parameter)
The word native here describes the parameters that are exclusive to each of the Plug-in
Boards. Because of this, the editing screens displayed on the 9000Pro will differ depending
on the particular Plug-in Board being used. For example, when editing Plug-in voices of the
PLG150-DX, parameter names such as Carrier and Modulator which are unique to the FM
Synthesis system are displayed, as shown below on the left. Likewise, when editing Plug-in
voices of the PLG150-VL, the 9000Pro displays parameters unique to the VL tone generation
system such as Brth Mode (Breath Mode) and Emb CC No. (Embouchure Control Change
Number), as shown below on the right.
For details about Native Part Parameters, refer to the Owners Manual of your Plug-in Board.
See page 163 for details about the Voice Set function.
You can specify the Voice Set data to the Plug-in Custom Voice.
Select the desired parameter.
When editing a DX plug-in voice:
Specify the value.
When editing a VL plug-in voice: