Yamaha 9000 Pro Electronic Keyboard User Manual

Disk/SCSI Operations
Disk/SCSI Operations
Reference 151
Selecting les
The 9000Pro provides three ways to select files: SINGLE, MULTI, and ALL.
When set to SINGLE, you can select only one le.
When set to ALL, you can select all les.
When set to MULTI, you can select les listed consecutively.
For more information about MULTI, see the example (Style Manager) below.
To cancel “Multi” file selection, select “SINGLE” by pressing the [C] button twice.
Selecting Directories/Files
Directories are like file “folders” that are used to organize the file data. The instruc-
tions here show you how to navigate through directories and select the desired directo-
Basic Operation Directory/File Selection
In the file selection display, a
maximum 250 file or directory
names can be displayed. If the
number of files or directories
exceeds 250, the 251st and
beyond (according to alphabet-
ical order) are not shown.
2 Select a le. (For MULTI, this will be the rst
le in the group of les to be selected.)
3 Select
4 Select the last le in the group. (All les between this
and the le selected in step #2 will be selected.)
1 Select SINGLE.
(Before using
MULTI, youll have to
specify the rst le
using SINGLE.)
When loading multiple files from disk to Flash ROM, only the selected files will be loaded to the destination location in the Flash ROM
(see pages 78 and 87).
Keep in mind that the files are loaded to consecutive locations starting from the specified destination. Make sure that the consecutive
locations contain no important data, otherwise you may inadvertently overwrite files you wish to keep.
If you select this location as the
destination in Flash ROM with
selecting three les in disk, for
example, the three locations in
Flash ROM are replaced starting
from this location.
The following explanation applies to the Load operation of the Plug-in Manager and the Style Manager function.
You can return to
the next highest
level by pressing
the [IN] LCD button
while the cursor is
located at .
You can go to the next
lowest level by press-
ing the [IN] LCD button
while the cursor is
located at the folder
icon .