Yamaha 9000 Pro Electronic Keyboard User Manual

Song Creator
Song Creator
Reference 125
Event Filter
This function lets you select the event types that appear on the editing displays. To
select an event for display, place a checkmark in the box next to the event name. To fil-
ter out an event type (so that it does not appear on the list), remove the checkmark so
that the box is empty.
Selects only chord data;
checkmarks for all other
boxes are removed.
Style Number, Section Name,
Chord Name, and Tempo are
on (checked) by default.
Using the Plug-in voices in Song Creator
Keep in mind that a single Plug-in Board can only sound one part (one Plug-in voice) at a time. For this
reason, you may run into the following problems when using certain Song Creator functions with the
Plug-in voices:
When you stop recording (step #9 on pages 37 and 39), with a Plug-in voice:
For example, when recording the R1 voice (when that is assigned to a Plug-in voice), the R1 part
button automatically turns off when the [STOP] button is pressed. This happens in order that the
you can hear the recorded song properly with the Plug-in Voice (step #10 on pages 37 and 39).
When you use the Song Player to play back a song recorded with the Plug-in voices:
If any one of the parts of the Plug-in voice (R1, R2, R3, or L) is set to ON, the part in the song cor-
responding to the Plug-in voice will automatically be muted. Therefore, if you want to properly play
back a song using Plug-in voices, make sure that the corresponding parts (R1, R2, R3, or L) are
set to OFF before selecting the song.
When you stop recording, the connection
with the Plug-in Board automatically
switches to the Song Creator.
The connection with the Plug-in Board can
be switched to the keyboard part by press-
ing the PART ON/OFF button.
The connection with the Plug-in Board can
be switched to the Song part by pressing
the [Plug-in] LCD button.
Plug-in Board
Song Creator Keyboard
Plug-in Board
Song Creator Keyboard
The explanations above apply only to the Song Creator and Song Player functions. They do not apply to the Style
Creator and Multi Pad Creator, since the Plug-in voices cannot be used with those functions.