Yamaha 9000 Pro Electronic Keyboard User Manual

Organ Flutes
Organ Flutes
Reference 63
Vibrato Depth Can be set to any of three levels via the Vibrato Depth LCD button. The button sequen-
tially selects a depth of 1, 2, or 3.
Footage The footage settings determine the basic sound of the organ flutes.
The term footage is a reference to the sound generation of traditional pipe organs, in
which the sound is produced by pipes of different lengths (in feet). The longer the pipe,
the lower the pitch of the sound. Hence, the 16 setting determines the lowest pitched
component of the voice, while the 1 setting determines the highest pitched component.
The higher the value of the setting, the greater the volume of the corresponding foot-
age. Mixing various volumes of the footages lets you create your own distinctive organ
Volume Adjusts the overall volume of the Organ Flutes. The longer the graphic bar, the greater
the volume.
Mode The MODE control selects between two modes: FIRST and EACH. In the FIRST
mode, attack is applied only to the first notes played and held simultaneously; while the
first notes are held, any subsequently played notes have no attack applied. In the
EACH mode, attack is applied equally to all notes.
Attack The ATTACK controls adjust the attack sound of the ORGAN FLUTE voice. The 4, 2
2/3 and 2 controls increase or reduce the amount of attack sound at the corresponding
footages. The longer the graphic bar the greater the attack sound.
Length The LENGTH control affects the attack portion of the sound producing a longer or
shorter decay immediately after the initial attack. The longer the graphic bar the longer
the decay.
Response The Response control affects both the attack and sustain portion of the sound, increas-
ing or decreasing the response time of the initial swell and release, based on the
FOOTAGE controls. The higher the value the slower the swell and release.
Reverb Depth
Chorus Depth
DSP on/off
DSP Depth
For details about the digital effects, see page 145.
Vibrato Speed Determines the speed of the vibrato effect controlled by the Vibrato On/Off and Vibrato
Depth above.
DSP Type Determines the DSP effect type to be applied to the Organ Flutes voice. Normally this
will be one of the six available Rotary Speaker effects. If any other type of effect is se-
lected the Rotary SP Speed LCD button in the main ORGAN VOICE editing display will
not control rotary speaker speed. Instead, it will have the same effect as the VOICE
Slow/Fast Slow/Fast Determines whether the DSP variation (Slow/Fast) will be set to Slow or Fast when the
Organ Flutes voice is selected (when the Voice Set function is ON page 163).
Value Sets the DSP variation (Slow/Fast) parameter value (e.g., LFO Freq for a Rotary
Speaker effect) when the DSP variation (Fast) is turned on.
EQ Low
EQ High
The EQ parameters determine the Frequency and Gain of the Low and High EQ bands.