Tascam D01175220A DP-006 Recording Equipment User Manual

2 – Quick Start Guides
Listening to the recording
1. To go to the beginning of the song (00h00m00s00f) using the Return
To Zero (RTZ) function, press the m [RTZ] button while pressing and
holding the Stop (8) button.
2. Press the Play (7) button to play the recorded TRACK 3.
3. Use the TRACK 3 LEVEL knob and MASTER LEVEL knob to adjust the
monitoring level.
Use the VOLUME dial on the left side of the unit to adjust the final
monitoring volume.
Use the TRACK 3 PAN (BAL) knob to set the stereo position of the track
4. When you are done listening to the recording, press the Stop (8) button
to stop playback.
Connecting an electric guitar
1. Connect an electric guitar to the INPUT A connector on the rear panel.
2. Set the MIC/LINE-GUITAR switch on the left side of the unit to GUITAR.
When connecting an electric-acoustic guitar with a built-in preamp or an
active electric guitar, as well as when connecting an electric guitar with
effect boxes between it and this unit, set the MIC/LINE-GUITAR switch to