Tascam D01175220A DP-006 Recording Equipment User Manual

12 – Exchanging Data with a Computer
By connecting this unit with a computer using the included USB cable you
can backup song data on this unit’s SD card to the computer and restore
backed-up song data from the computer. Moreover, you can export track files
and stereo master files from a song to a computer and import audio files on
the computer to the unit.
Backed-up data can be restored to a different DP-006 unit than the one that
created it. In this way, files can be freely exchanged between DP-006 units,
making it easy to add additional recordings or mix existing recordings in a
different location.
Instead of using the USB connection, if you want to remove an SD card
from this unit and back-up its data by connecting it directly to a computer
(or using a card reader), always turn the unit’s power off (put in standby)
before removing the card.
The MTR partitions where song files are stored cannot be directly accessed
from a computer.
In this chapter, “computer” refers to a Windows or Macintosh computer
connected to this unit. (See “Supported operating systems” on page 83.)
The following types of data can be transferred from this unit to a computer.
Entire songs
You can transfer the data for an entire song from the unit’s BACKUP
directory on the FAT partition to a computer. This operation is called
“backup.” In addition, data backed-up on a computer can be transferred
to the BACKUP directory on the FAT partition, and then restored as song
data. This operation is called “restore.”
WAV format tracks
You can convert tracks to WAV files and export them to a computer. You can
also import WAV files from a computer.
These WAV files are stored on the WAVE directory of this unit’s FAT partition.
Stereo master files
Stereo master files can be transferred as stereo WAV files from the WAVE
directory on the FAT partition of this unit to a computer.
Only export is possible.
Supported operating systems
You can connect this unit to computers with the following operating systems.
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Mac OS X
Mac OS X 10.2 or later
When this unit is connected to a computer, the computer recognizes it as a
removable disk. There is no need for a special driver.
Data transfer between this unit and a computer occurs at USB 2.0 speed
(maximum). Data can still be transferred if the computer connection is
USB1.1, but it will be slower. In addition, to assure USB 2.0 speed, use the
included cable or a cable that meets USB 2.0 standards.