Tascam D01175220A DP-006 Recording Equipment User Manual

6 – Basic Recording
Undoing a previous operation (multi-undo)
1. Press the UN/REDO button while pressing and holding the Stop (8)
button to open the
screen shows the operation history as a list.
Each operation in the list is called an “event” .
The event list starts at the bottom with event number
The most recent event has an asterisk (*) to its right.
All events that occurred after a selected event can be undone at once.
This operation is called “multi-undo” because it allows you to undo
multiple events and return to an earlier state.
2. Use the DATA wheel to select the event that you want to return to (all
events after the selected event will be undone).
3. Press the F2 (EXEC) button to execute the multi-undo and restore the
state just after the selected event was conducted.
In this state, the UN/REDO indicator lights.
The unit has been returned to a previous state, but the event information
undone through the above operation is not erased. On the
screen, a * appears to the right of current event after undoing.
If you make a new recording or new edits after using multi-undo (UN/
REDO indicator lit), the event history after the current event is cleared
and the last operation conducted becomes the most recent event.
When the
screen is open, the UN/REDO button does not
function, so single undo and redo cannot be used.
When undo has been used and there are one or more undone operations,
the UN/REDO indicator lights.
The UN/REDO indicator does not light if there are no undone operations
(the current state is that of the last operation).
When the UN/REDO indicator is lit (because there are undone operations),
if you make a new recording or edit, the last operation conducted becomes
the most recent event, and you will no longer be able to redo previously
undone operations.
When saving a song, a maximum of 500 items can be saved in the
operation history as song files. If the operation history exceeds 500 items,
the oldest events in the history are erased when the song is saved. Erased
events cannot be restored.
When the power is turned OFF (in standby) the operation history is
completely erased. The operation history is not restored when the power is
turned ON again.