Tascam D01175220A DP-006 Recording Equipment User Manual

6 – Basic Recording
Setting input levels
Just as though you were recording, you can monitor the sound of already
recorded tracks playing back and the input sources of the tracks for recording,
allowing you to check the monitoring balance and volume.
Recording additional tracks
While pressing and holding the Record (0) button, press the Play (7)
While listening to the playback tracks, make new recordings on other tracks.
Undoing operations (undo)
This unit allows you to undo, for example, unwanted operations and
recordings that were unsuccessful. Undo can be used on many ordinary
operations, including editing and recording operations. This unit has two
types of undo functions. Single undo can be used with a simple button press,
while multi-undo allows you to return to and undo a specific past operation.
The UN/REDO indicator lights when a single undo or multi-undo has been
conducted and there is an undone operation that can be redone.
Undoing the last operation (single undo)
Press the UN/REDO button to return to the state before the last operation was
conducted. After doing this, the UN/REDO indicator lights, showing that redo
(see below) is possible.
UN/REDO indicator
Cancelling an undo operation (redo)
Press the UN/REDO button when it is lit to return to the state of the last
operation. The UN/REDO indicator turns OFF.
If single undo is used when multi-undo (described below) has already
been used to return the unit to a previous state, it will go one more step
backward. If you press the UN/REDO button again to redo the step, the
single undo operation is cancelled, and the previous multi-undo state
is restored. In this case, the unit is not restored to the most recently
conducted operation, so the UN/REDO indicator remains lit because
further redo operations are possible.