Tascam D01175220A DP-006 Recording Equipment User Manual

6 – Basic Recording
OL indicators and level meters
The audio levels of this unit can be checked using the INPUT A/B OL
indicators and the level meters on the display.
The level meters allow the signal levels to be checked, and they can also be
used to confirm whether signals are being input into the unit. For example,
if the and level meters are moving a signal is being input into the unit
even if you cannot hear anything when you are monitoring with headphones
or an external monitoring system (powered monitor speakers or an amplifier
and speakers). In this case, something other than this unit is probably the
reason that sound is not being output.
As shown below, if a “–” appears at the top of a level meter, the input is
overloading (these “–” indicators will automatically disappear after a while). In
this case, the sound might be distorted, so lower the level until the “–” stops
If an OL indicator lights, the input source signal could be too loud or the
LEVEL knob set too high.
If the OL indicator lights even if the LEVEL knob is set to MIN, the input
source signal is too high, so lower the volume on the input source.
erload indicators
Input level meters (A/B)
The and level meters on the display show the input levels of this unit’s
Use the INPUT A/B LEVEL knobs,
screen settings and the
output volume controls of the input sound source to adjust the levels.
If an INPUT A/B OL indicator lights even though the INPUT A/B level
meters shows a suitable level, the input signal is too strong and the sound
is distorted. Lower the output volume of the input sound source.
TRACK level meters (1–4)
These meters show either playback signal levels or the track input signal
levels, depending on the operation status, as shown below.
REC indicator Transport status
Signals shown
by level meters
Unlit Playing back Track playback
(recording standby)
Playing back Track playback
Stopped Track input
Lit (recording) Recording Track input
When the playback signal is shown, the level of the recorded signal of the
track is shown, so the level shown by the meters cannot be changed. When
the input signal is being shown, the INPUT A/B LEVEL knobs can change
the levels shown by the level meters.
Stereo level meters (L/R)
These show the stereo bus output level of this unit. Adjust the output level
with the MASTER LEVEL knob.
When an input source is a built-in mic, if the REC indicator is not lit on
a track that has the built-in mic as its recording source, the input sound
cannot be heard.