Tascam D01175220A DP-006 Recording Equipment User Manual

12 – Exchanging Data with a Computer
Follow these steps to properly end the USB connection.
When transferring data, do not disconnect the unit or remove the USB
cable. Doing so could cause data on the computer or this unit to be
The procedure on the computer for disconnecting might be called “eject”
or “unmount”.
Disconnecting from Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
Follow the procedures below to disconnect computers that use Windows XP,
Windows Vista, or Windows 7 operating systems.
A PC card icon and arrow appear in the taskbar (usually at the bottom right of
the screen).
1. Left-click on this icon to open a pop-up bar. Click this pop-up bar to
disconnect this unit from the computer.
2. After a pop-up message appears on the computer display saying that the
unit can be disconnected, remove the USB cable.
The unit restarts automatically and the Home Screen opens on its display.
Do not remove the USB cable if a pop-up message warning that the unit
cannot be disconnected safely appears on the computer display. Close
all the computer programs and windows that are accessing (reading or
writing) files on the unit, and then try the operation again.
Disconnecting from Mac OS X
1. Drag the “DP-006” icon that represents this unit to the Trash, or type
Command-E to disconnect the DP-006.
2. After the DP-006 icon disappears from the desktop, remove the USB
This unit restarts and the Home Screen appears on the display.
Depending on the OS version or OS settings, you might also be able to
disconnect the DP-006 by clicking an eject icon next to it in the Finder
window or by using a control key.