Tascam D01175220A DP-006 Recording Equipment User Manual

4 – Preparations
Connecting with other equipment
This section shows examples of connections that can be made with this unit.
Precautions before making connections
Turn the power OFF (or put in standby) for this unit and all other
equipment that you will connect to it.
Set up all the equipment so that all units are powered from the same
line. When using a power strip, for example, use a thick cable with a high
current capacity to reduce fluctuation of the power voltage.
Rear panel connections
Guitar/bass to INPUT A
Keyboard to INPUT A/
Mic to INPUT A/B
Left side panel connections
Powered monitor speakers
or amplier and speakers
Before outputting sound, use the VOLUME dial of any external monitoring
system (powered monitor speakers or an amplifier and speakers)
connected to the unit. Failure to do so could cause loud noises that might
harm your hearing.